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Tickled Chicken Stables

About the Stables

General blurb on the stables history and how it is doing

How did the Stables get it's name?
Well, believe it or not, I actually had a chicken that I hatched in an incubator and so kept it for 2 months. Unfortunately he turned out to be a cockerel :( and being in a built up area my dad decided that I had to get rid of him (So I gave him to a friend who lives on a farm). Before we got rid of him, I used to let him sit on my lap and I would tickle him behind the ears (yes, chickens do have ears, even though they are very starnge looking. The ears, not the chickens!). Hence the name Tickled Chicken Stables.
How long has the stables been running?
I started it on the 15th of August 2005, so it hasn't been running for very long at all. But I have been collecting model horses ever since I was 5.
How many horses does the stables have?
My showstring currently has 3 and I'm currently looking for more exceptional models to add to it which is why I am saving my money up to buy some peter stone model while I'm in New York.  I have hundreds of model horses but the ones that I love the most are in the Tickled Chicken Stables, and thats about 10 most of them not being show horses.
Which horse in your stables do you like the most?
I love them all, but if I had to chose then it would be 'Make a Move' my beautiful little sm saddlebred resculpted and repainted by Tina Sayers. I definately love cm stablemates and the best place to look for them is ebay (I find model exchange sooooo confusing!). I also find showing stablemates is easier as you can use postcards, old calendars and photos for backgrounds but you have to be careful about proportions!
Do you own a real horse?
No *cries*. I really want one though. In the summer of 2004 my family went on holiday to Berwick-upon-Tweed and I met a woman there called Pat who owns the most beautiful flea bit grey anglo-arab called magic. I get invited back every year to spend time with magic to help look after her and ride her.  However, I do have a border collie (sheepdog) called polo, and, hopefully I will have more chickens as of 24th August 2005.
How long have you been riding?
I started riding when I was 3,  but stopped when I was 11 because of a skittish horse who decided that he didn't actually want to go for a hack with me. But, thanks to some really friendly appaloosas in scotland and magic I got most of my confidence back.  The only time I have been western riding is with the appaloosas in Scotland and I think it's safe to say that the western saddle is the greatest saddle I have ever sat in. Unfortunately nowhere near me has any horses trained in western :( .

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