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A questions and answers page for those of an inquisitive nature

What do the abbreviations mean?
WB: Warmblood
FF/OF: Factory Finish/Original Finish
NSH: National Show Horse
QH: Quarter Horse
TB: Thoroughbred
ASB: American Saddlebred
LSQ: Live show quality
PSQ: Photo show quality
FAM, FAS, FAF: Family arab mare, stallion and foal
CAM, CAS, CAF: Classic arabs
PAM, PAS, PAF: Proud Arabs
CM: Customized
RRH: Remade, repainted Haired (older term mostly dropped in favor of CM, I kinda like RRH better)
NIB: New in Box
NRFB: Never removed from box
BF: Breyerfest
NAN: North American Nationals
What details do I need when showing my horse?
Basically all the details that they ask for but generally you need to sort these things out before you show a model :
Name - every horse needs a name, It may take a while to think of a good one and if you want it to be as authentic as possible its good to follow the rules and regulations on naming different breeds of horses.
Gender - It's best to think of a gender even if the show doesn't require it. You don't have to show a horse as the gender it was sold as, some models get better results in a different class e.g the beswick arab "Xayal" is sold as a colt but can also be shown as a mare.
Breed - What breed your model is of course depends on what it looks like, you don't have to stick to the breed it was sold as but if you do change it stick to something believable. If you're not sure study pictures and search the net until you're entierly happy with the breed.
Colour - Your horses breed will be governed by its colour (or visa versa). Colour is also one of the many things you may not have to decide unless you want the model to be repainted. Of course, more research will have to be taken out to find suitable breeds/colours for the horses colour/breed.
Height - Most shows don't ask for this but if they do then pick a realistic height for the horses breed e.g you can't have an 18 hands high shetland pony.
Age - There are two types of ages in model horses, static ages - where the age doesn't change at all and changing ages - where (you guessed it) the age changes every year.
Personally, I would chose to age the model horse by starting it at 4 and then when it "dies" it can be reborn as one of its foals (at the age of 3 horses can have foals).
Parents - Some people like their horses to have real horse parents, lineage is quite important when putting your models out to stud as people may want to know here they are from.
What types of show are there?
There are many types of different ways to show your models:
Live Shows - This is where you take your best models to a designated area to show them live, the judging goes on as you look around.
Picture Shows - This is where you take a picture of your horse and send it off in the post to the show where someone will judge them, the results will then be sent back to you via the post.
Online Picture Shows - My favourite type of show (especially the free ones:) ). This is where you send a picture of your horse off in an email to the correct person and wait until judging has finished, the results will then be emailed back to you.
Details Only Shows - In this type of show you don't have to have a picture, all you need to do is send the details of the horse off and the judges will decide who the winning horse will be by rolling a number of dice, so, in theory, every horse has that same chance of winning.
What should I use for backgrounds when I'm photo showing?
For Stablemates a postcard would doand cost next to nothing, if that's not convenient the try searching the net to look for suitable backgrounds such as a field, ranch, or stable block.
For larger sizes such as Classics or Traditionals get some posters, I have tried printing sections of a background off seperately and then sticking them together to make a larger background, this is not the best thing to do and should be a last resort as the lines show up etc.
If all else fails pack up your models (in lost of tissue paper/bubblewrap) into a bag taking your camera with you and go for a walk to find the perfect spot, if you're not in the best area then go for a drive (If you haven't passed your driving test I don't reccomend this one) and look around for a suitable spot.
Another idea is to take your camera and shoot some good locations and have them blown up to poster size.

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