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Tickled Chicken Stables

My Customs

These are my custom models, I may consider selling some of them, contact me to find out more.

How I customise the horses...
First of all I select a model,  preferably a really scuffed, scratched model that has seen better days but is not beyond rescue.
Next I get some very fine sand paper and some nail files and attack the seams and logos, then the matt primer comes out, this usually comes in a grey colour but you can get white ones as well.
I then leave the model over night to dry fully and then start painting layer anfter layer of white acrylic paint on it to get a good base to change the colour of the horse into anything I like. I usually spend about 2 days doing this which includes letting the model dry for 24 hours.
After the model has fully dried I then start mixing acrylics into the desired colours and paint the model by starting with the main colour,the pattern (if any),  then the mane and tail, next the hooves and then the eyes. I then finish off the model by putting clear nail varnish on the hooves, eyes and nose and then coating it in a fixative so that the paint lasts.

One of my customs

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